Andrew starts to Graze

According to the Garfield school, I'm not so much over-weight as under-tall… but given that I'm now unlikely to grow, it is the weight I need to manage.

This isn't helped by my eating habits – skipping breakfast (and often lunch) and then pigging out at (a late) dinner – which I have resolved to improve.

To add into the mix, I've recently been diagnosed as wheat-gluten intolerent, which (as well as explaining a lot) eliminates many of the obvious snacks.

Enter Graze

GrazeBoxFor a few months now, every time I've bought something in WH Smiths, I've received a voucher for a free sample box from Graze… and having looked at the website, I was tempted. But for one reason or another, I'd never proceeded… until now.

The idea behind Graze is the delivery of healthy snacks… everything is managed via their website, which allows you to designate each snack as one of four categories:

  • Bin – never receive it
  • Try – give it a go
  • Like – send occasionally
  • Love – send regularly

There is also a Send Soon tick-box to request an item.

The first box is free, and £3.89 per box thereafter – so less than £1.00 per snack. 

The Graze Range

Currently there are over 140 products to choose from… to avoid any pre-conceived ideas, I only flagged those containing wheat gluten to be binned (so I don't get any) but pretty much left everything else to chance…

Review to follow…


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