“Connecting Functional SAFETY and SECURITY in Automotive” Webinar with ETauto magazine

Despite their many common characteristics and the underlying possibility of compromised safety resulting from cyberattacks, designing and developing for cybersecurity generally demands a different focus to functional safety. It is an environment that changes much more quickly, for example, and the potential for active aggressors is alien to the traditional world of functional safety.

ET Auto.comImportantly, the topics of functional safety and cyber-security are global in their reach.  With this in mind, I was invited, by ETauto magazine in India, to present a webinar titled Connecting Functional SAFETY and SECURITY in Automotive.

To quote from the blurb:

This presentation will discuss how those differences might impact the nature of functional safety standards such as ISO 26262, versus cybersecurity guidelines and standards like SAE J3061 and ISO/SAE 21434.

It will reflect on how it impacts the very nature of security standards, and consider whether their objectives can ever be as rightly defined as their functional safety equivalents. And it will review how sound application development techniques are likely to be central to any future cybersecurity strategy, no matter how the standards evolve.

This webinar is now available to watch on-demand.


I’d like to thank the team at ETauto for their welcome and support during the preparation and streaming of this webinar. I would also like to thank Mr Shinto Joseph, LDRA’s Director of South East Asia Operations for his contribution and local knowledge during the Q&A segment

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