Geocacheing in Germany


The scene is set: attending a conference in Germany, and you have a couple of hours free in the evening. Do you (a) sit in the bar and drink beer, or (b) go geocaching?

A bit of a silly question, really…

A Souvenir From Brandenburg

Souvenir from Stadt Brandenburg

Souvenir from Stadt Brandenburg

Checking the Geocaching website, a circuit of a dozen or so caches looked do-able – with a possible bonus of a six-haul Tracker-hotel. So armed with my phone running the cgeo app, and a translation of the various cache webpages, I set off with a conference co-attendee (aka TheDoctor12)

The Geocaching system offers a souvenir for each Stadt in Germany – so completion of the first cache resulted in the award of a new icon… my first non-UK territory

The Coin and Tracker Bug Hotel

Coin & TB Hotel "Waldlehrpfad" Wildpark Potsdam

Coin & TB Hotel “Waldlehrpfad” Wildpark Potsdam

With three of the first four on the route safely logged, we entered the Waldlehrpfad in such of the Coin and Tracker-Bug Hotel… reportedly holding six trackables.

Unfortunately, only two were present:

  • Grisu der kleine Drache
  • Stefricks Metropolis Express

I retrieved these two for a journey to England… and the other four logged as missing.

Continuing the Walk

Onward we trekked, taking in a further three more but skipping other two planned caches due to too much activity, before reaching the nearest one to the hotel. Unfortunately, in the fading light this wooded area precluded further exploration, so we decided to call it a night. But I went to find Am Boden the following morning!

  1. Haus33
  2. Haveldurchblick
  3. Haveldurchblick 2
  4. Coin & TB Hotel "Waldlehrpfad" Wildpark Potsdam
  5. Einer am Rande
  6. So geht es auch
  7. Blick nach Potsdam #1
  8. Am Boden

I did not "DNF" the three that we did not find, as we skipped them, rather than didn't find them.

An enjoyable walk, in some lovely countryside… hopefully I will be back again some time, to find a few more!

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