“Ready to lead: Be resilient, agile and future-ready”

Sometimes, the pitfalls of being a Member (or Fellow) of a Professional Body is that you get bombarded with lots of emails… most of which have limited applicability.

But hot on the heels of carrying out my L&M self-assessment, I was prompted for the free online short course Ready to lead: Be resilient, agile and future-ready, which the InstLM states:

… equips aspiring, new and experienced leaders and managers with essential knowledge and skills to help navigate 2022 and beyond.

InstLM course blurb

Timing being everything, I decided to take the opportunity…

Full details of the Ready to lead: Be resilient, agile and future-ready course can be found on the InstLM’s website

Course Material

The course material is split into three sections, with an associated self-assessment questionnaire – these three sections are each linked to one of the InstLM’s 49 leadership components.

The three topics covered are:

  • Resilience leadership component,
  • Adaptability leadership component, and
  • Future-ready leadership component.

Obviously, in the context of a free course, lasting only a couple of hours including the assessments and some background reading, the depth is not massive – but I felt it was a good refresher of the concepts… and most importantly, I got a badge 🙂

Ready to Lead: Be Resilient, Agile & Future Ready
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Leadership & Management – Self Assessment

Over the years, for my CPD I have very-much focussed on the technical aspects of my job and roles… despite increasing my leadership and management focus.

Recently, I decided that this should change, and I needed to re-assess my L&M position.

Fortunately, the Institution of Leadership & Management (InstLM) offer suitable self-assessment…

MyLeadership Profile

The InstLM describes its methodology as:

At the Institute of Leadership and Management we believe leadership is crucial to success in all human endeavour, and fundamental to this is what happens between people. Sustained, optimal performance is achieved by working together towards a common goal in a trusting environment which, while objective, is guided by strong moral values and celebrates the human dimension. Our Leadership Dimensions give structure to this approach and so your responses have been ranked relative to; Authenticity, Collaboration, Ownership, Achievement and Vision. We know you are on a journey and so Your Report recognises your strengths and indicates areas which may benefit from further reflection.

Institute of Leadership & Management

Having undertaken the MyLeadership Profile self-assessment, my results showed:

MyLeadership Profile

I guess that’s a pretty good basis to start from.

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Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

As birthday presents go, this is right up there:

I am pleased and honoured to be able to announce that at Monday’s Court meeting, my Election to the #Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists was approved.

My thanks to all those involved in the process.

Like all the other City Livery Companies, the WCIT has four main pillars of activity:

  • support for its trade and profession,
  • charitable endeavour (via the WCIT Charity),
  • assistance to #education,
  • as well as maintaining a social community.

While last evening, I was able to indulge in the fourth of these, I look forward to contributing to the other three as well!

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MISRA C:2012 TC2

As chairman of the MISRA C Working Group, I am pleased to announce that MISRA C:2012 Technical Corrigendum 2 has been published.

This update is compatible with:

  • MISRA C:2012 (3rd Edition, 1st Revision) as further revised by Amendment 2
  • MISRA C:2012 (3rd Edition) as revised by:
    • Amendments 1 and 2, plus
    • Technical Corrigendum 1.

TC2 is available for free download via the Publications area of the MISRA website.

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I have, this morning, been advised that I have been appointed as Chair of BSI‘s IST/15 Software and Systems Engineering Committee.

BSI IST/15 is the UK mirror to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7 Software and Systems Engineering, and the role as Chair comes with the additional responsibility as UK Head of Delegation to SC 7.

I am grateful for the support of the outgoing Chair, and the continued support and encouragement of LDRA. Likewise I appreciate the trust being placed in me by BSI.

IST/15/-/26 Software Testing

I will remain as Chair of BSI IST/15/-/26 Software Testing, and UK delegate to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7/WG 26, supporting the development of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 family of standards.

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Embedded World 2022

An important announcement from the Embedded World team:

To accommodate the wishes of the industry and also give all participants the opportunity to plan with confidence, we decided to postpone embedded world 2022 inclusively the both accompanying conferences embedded world Conference and electronic displays Conference to June.

The decision to postpone was made in close cooperation with our exhibitors and partners.

Together with them we are now looking forward to seeing the international embedded community again in Nuremberg from 21 to 23 June 2022. Please make a note of the new date now.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay healthy!

Your embedded world team

I hope to see you in Nürnberg, in June.

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“Connecting Functional SAFETY and SECURITY in Automotive” Webinar with ETauto magazine

Despite their many common characteristics and the underlying possibility of compromised safety resulting from cyberattacks, designing and developing for cybersecurity generally demands a different focus to functional safety. It is an environment that changes much more quickly, for example, and the potential for active aggressors is alien to the traditional world of functional safety.

ET Auto.comImportantly, the topics of functional safety and cyber-security are global in their reach.  With this in mind, I was invited, by ETauto magazine in India, to present a webinar titled Connecting Functional SAFETY and SECURITY in Automotive.

To quote from the blurb:

This presentation will discuss how those differences might impact the nature of functional safety standards such as ISO 26262, versus cybersecurity guidelines and standards like SAE J3061 and ISO/SAE 21434.

It will reflect on how it impacts the very nature of security standards, and consider whether their objectives can ever be as rightly defined as their functional safety equivalents. And it will review how sound application development techniques are likely to be central to any future cybersecurity strategy, no matter how the standards evolve.

This webinar is now available to watch on-demand.


I’d like to thank the team at ETauto for their welcome and support during the preparation and streaming of this webinar. I would also like to thank Mr Shinto Joseph, LDRA’s Director of South East Asia Operations for his contribution and local knowledge during the Q&A segment

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Embedded World 2021


One month to go until Embedded World 2021…

Unsurprisingly in the circumstances, this key event in the embedded systems calendar will be virtual, but that doesn’t make it any less important!

Once again, I’m pleased to announce that I will play an active role in this conference… both as a Session Chair and as a Presenter.

The full program is available from the conference website.

As a Session Chair

I will be Chairing a total of five sessions, within the Software and Systems Engineering track:

  • Monday
    • Session 6.1 – Languages and Standards
    • Session 6.2 – MISRA
    • Session 6.3 – Development Process
  • Tuesday
    • Session 6.5 – Measures and Metrics
    • Session 6.6 – Requirements Engineering

As a Presenter

I will be presenting three Papers

  • Session 6.1 (Monday, 13:30): MISRA C/C++ Situation Report
  • Session 6.5 (Tuesday, 13:30): How to SQuaRE the Circle of Software Quality Measures
  • Session 6.13 (Friday, 11:00): Standardisation of Software Testing…a Necessary Evil?

All times Central European Time.

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IET Code of Practice “Cyber Security and Safety”

IET Code of Practice "Cyber Security and Safety"

A couple of years back, fellow members of the IET’s Safety Technical Professional Network Andy German and Richard Piggin (both then at Atkins) proposed the creation of a Code of Practice for Cyber Security and Safety.

Shortly afterwards, I joined a motley crew gathered at the IET’s headquarters at Savoy Place and held a brainstorming session…

This in turn led to deeper discussions, and for one or two people, a lot of hard work.


I am proud of my small, supporting, role in the production of this publication – I hope industry finds it useful and informative, and it can help make our systems more secure and hence safer. And my thanks to LDRA for supporting my involvement in this Group.

The document is available for free download from the IET website.

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ECF Monthly Gradings

The new, monthly, ECF gradings are out! This moves to a four-digit ELO-based system.

  • Andrew: Rapidplay 1375D, StandardPlay 1480E
  • Emily: Rapidplay 1008C
  • Isobel: Rapidplay 783C
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