Leadership Dimensions – Authenticity


Regular readers will know that I have already self-assessed as having met the required standard in four of the the forty-nine Leadership Components identified by the Institution of Leadership & Management (InstLM):

  • No.01 Authenticity: Self Awareness
  • No.12 Vision: Future Readiness
  • No.19 Achievement: Resilience
  • No.20 Achievement: Adaptability

As I’d given myself the objective of refreshing my leadership skills during the summer, it seemed the logical next step to start chalking off a few more of these componets – and being me, I decided to do them in order…

The forty-nine Leadership Components are grouped into five Leadership Dimensions:

  • Authenticity (8 components)
  • Vision (8 components)
  • Achievement (10 components)
  • Ownership (12 components)
  • Collaboration (11 components)


The first Leadership Dimension is Authenticity. It is composed of eight Leadership Components:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Conversation
  3. Ethics
  4. Integrity
  5. Supporting
  6. Aligning Values
  7. Challenging
  8. Building Trust

Each Leadership Component is formed of web-based self-study material

  • a Leadership Dimension page, as a component overview
  • one or more Spotlights, offering more detailed guidance on a particular sub-topic
  • most components have additional resources, including videos, worksheets, podcasts etc
  • a self-assessment test (you have to pass to get the Standard Met badge)

As a rough estimate, reading everything, watching all the videos and completing all the worksheets takes approximately one hour per component… and if you achieve the required standard in all components, you get a badge:

Authenticity: Standard Met!

Having achieved Standard Met, the next step is to arrange a more formal conversation, to become Certified… I’ll leave that for another day…

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