Leadership & Management – Self Assessment

Over the years, for my CPD I have very-much focussed on the technical aspects of my job and roles… despite increasing my leadership and management focus.

Recently, I decided that this should change, and I needed to re-assess my L&M position.

Fortunately, the Institution of Leadership & Management (InstLM) offer suitable self-assessment…

MyLeadership Profile

The InstLM describes its methodology as:

At the Institute of Leadership and Management we believe leadership is crucial to success in all human endeavour, and fundamental to this is what happens between people. Sustained, optimal performance is achieved by working together towards a common goal in a trusting environment which, while objective, is guided by strong moral values and celebrates the human dimension. Our Leadership Dimensions give structure to this approach and so your responses have been ranked relative to; Authenticity, Collaboration, Ownership, Achievement and Vision. We know you are on a journey and so Your Report recognises your strengths and indicates areas which may benefit from further reflection.

Institute of Leadership & Management

Having undertaken the MyLeadership Profile self-assessment, my results showed:

MyLeadership Profile

I guess that’s a pretty good basis to start from. Plus I got a badge…

Standard met: Self-Awareness

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