Publication of ISO/IEC 20246:2017

I am pleased to announce the publication of ISO/IEC 20246:2017 (Software and systems engineering — Work product reviews), which sits alongside the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 family.

This Standard establishes a generic framework for Work Product Reviews that can be referenced and used by all organisations involved in the management, development, test and maintenance of systems and software.

It contains a generic process, activities, tasks, review techniques and documentation templates that are applied during the review of a work product. A work product is any artefact produced by a process.

This document defines work product reviews that can be used during any phase of the life cycle of any work product; it is intended for, but not limited to, project managers, development managers, quality managers, test managers, business analysts, developers, testers, customers and all those involved in the development, testing and maintenance of systems and software.

This Standard can be purchased through National Bodies, or directly from ISO.


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