Publication of MISRA C:2023… Happy 25th Anniversary!

MISRA C 25th AnniversaryAs Chairman of the MISRA C Working Group, I am pleased to announce the release of MISRA C:2023 (MISRA C Third edition, Second revision). This is a further update which incorporates Amendments 2, 3 and 4 (AMD2, AMD3, AMD4) and Technical Corrigendum 2 (TC2) and provides support for C11 and C18 language features.

At the present time this document is available in PDF form, but an option for purchase of hardcopies using a “print on demand” service should be available soon.

My thanks to all involved in creating this new revised version.

Note: Contrary to some media reports, the publication of MISRA C:2023 is not late… there were never any plans to publish it at Embedded World 2023 – in fact, the intention was that the new version wouldn’t be available until 2024.  Publication was brought *forward* to mark the 25th anniversary!

What does “Third Edition, Second Revision” mean?

The following primary editions of MISRA C have been released:

  1. MISRA C:1998 – The first edition
  2. MISRA C:2004 – The second edition
  3. MISRA C:2012 – The third edition

Subsequent to the publication of MISRA C:2012, further incremental updates have been released, and consolidated into revised documents:

  • MISRA C:2012 (Feb 2019) – The Third edition, First revision
    • Also informally known as MISRA C:2019
    • Incorporates amendment 1 (AMD1) and technical corrigendum 1 (TC1)
  • MISRA C:2023 (Apr 2023) – The Third edition, Second revision
    • incorporates amendments 2 (AMD2), 3 (AMD3) and 4 (AMD4), plus technical corrigendum 2 (TC2)

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